West African Power and Energy Cooperation Conference 2019 (WAPECC19)

Praia, Cabo Verde

We are honored to announce our collaboration for the organisation of the West African Power and Energy Cooperation Conference 2019 (WAPECC19) taking place from 11 to 13 of September at the King Fahd Palace Hotel in Dakar-Senegal.

WAPECC19, is the inaugural conference of a series, is to be held in the region supported by the Energy Ministries of the ECOWAS zone and related regional institutions, WAPECC will focus on the promotion of regional resources and strategic plans of governments for sustainable energy development.

ECREEE is pleased to support WAPECC as the objectives of the platform fits in well with the mandate of ECREEE in terms of investment promotion, knowledge-sharing and capacity building in the field of sustainable energy.

The theme of the conference the first edition is: “Unlocking Investment to Transform the Energy Landscape of West Africa”. The event will provide a platform to discuss the best strategies to unlock investment for West Africa to achieve sustainable energy access.

Therefore, we invite our partners join us at WAPECC to help move the energy sector forward in order to achieve sustainable development in the ECOWAS region. WAPECC is organized under the patronage of the Ministry of Petroleum and Energies of Senegal.

If you are looking to take advantage of the opportunities in the energy sector in the ECOWAS region, WAPECC is not be missed.

For this edition all ECREEE partners benefit from a 10% discount to attend WAPECC19 in Dakar. Feel free to contact: florence@konect-group.com or visit https://www.wapecc.com for more information.

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