Validation Workshop of the UNIDO/GEF project

Praiamar Hotel, Praia

The Validation Workshop of the GEF/UNIDO project named “Promoting Market Based Development of Small to Medium Scale Renewable Energy Systems in Cape Verde” took place with the presence of approximately 57 participants from 30 organisations. The project was developed by UNIDO in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Energy (MTIE) in Cape Verde and the ECREEE Secretariat.

The Workshop’s main objective was to discuss the proposed project with relevant stakeholders. The project aims at boosting sustainable development and the reduction of global GHG emissions, by creating enabling market conditions  for the deployment of small to medium scale renewable energy systems. This will be achieved through:

  1. Demonstrating the technical feasibility and commercial viability of small to medium scale renewable energy systems, either in grid connected or stand alone format, by the installation of 1.5MW pilot demonstration projects (total capacity). The selected projects on different islands of Cape Verde will avoid approximately 4,000 Tonnes CO2e/annum.
  2. Preparing an investment strategy for scaling up or replicating pilot projects, and establishing a dedicated seed fund as part of the ECOWAS Renewable Energy Facility (EREF), which will provide co-funding for the development of small to medium scale renewable energy projects in Cape Verde.
  3. Conducting a study on how to achieve the goal to make the electricity system of the island Brava 100% renewable.
  4. Strengthening the regulatory framework to effectively promote and support small to medium scale renewable energy development within economic and social sectors;
  5. Strengthening the institutional capacity, and address the insufficient technical capacity within market enablers and market players (especially entrepreneurs, banks etc) to identify, develop, appraise and implement renewable energy projects.

The Workshop was honoured by the presence of Mr. Abraão Lopes from the Ministry of Tourism Industry and Energy (MTIE) who opened the workshop by emphasising the important contribution of the project to achieve the ambitious renewable energy goals of Cape Verde. The Government has set the objective to generate at least 50% of the electricity from renewable energy sources by 2020.

Also Mr. Moisés Borges, GEF Operational Focal Point, was present and strongly emphasized the importance of the project to: achieve the Cape Verde National Policy objectives; avoid carbon emissions along with contributing to an increased access to electricity; incentivise the development of a renewable energy Cape Verde private sector; build capacity and awareness on the enormous renewable energy potential that exists in Cape Verde; and contribute to solve social problems due to the nature of the projects to be installed as demonstration projects, thus integrating political, economical, environmental and social concerns.

Mr. Rui Levy (UNIDO) and Mr. Alois Mhlanga (UNIDO) presented the various activities of UNIDO in Cape Verde. The key pillars of the GEF/UNIDO West Africa Energy Programme which will mobilize around 100 million USD for renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in West Africa were explained.

Mr. Bah Saho (ECREEE) and  Mr. Martin Lugmayr (ECREEE) encouraged renewable energy companies in Cape Verde to export their services and experience to the ECOWAS region. The high demand for decentralised small and medium scale renewable energy solutions in rural and peri-urban areas of West Africa, the GEF/UNIDO West Africa Energy Programme and the regional promotion activities of ECREEE are creating an vibrant space for investments and business. ECOWAS has set the policy objective that at least 20% of new energy investment should origin from renewable sources in rural and peri-urban areas. So far, in rural areas only 8% of the population in West Africa has access to electricity.

In this regard, ECREEE presented the ECOWAS Renewable Energy Facility (EREF) which will make available co-funding for small and medium scale renewable energy projects and businesses in Cape Verde and the whole ECOWAS region. It is expected that around $1 million USD will be available for projects in Cape Verde. First call for proposals will be launched by the ECREEE Secretariat in April/May 2011.

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