Training Institutions of SOLtrain West Africa meet SOLtrain in Southern Africa

Two SOLtrain programs are running, covering 11 African countries and training them in solar thermal water heating and drying of agricultural products.  The SOLtrain solar thermal energy training and demonstration program in Southern Africa started in 2009 and is now starting its 3rd phase, covering 6 countries. The SOLtrain West Africa program started in April 2015 and covers 5 West African countries.Training institutions from program SOLtrain West Africa and SOLtrain in Southern Africa participated in the conference SAIREC also in order to exchange their lessons so far.

ECREEE acts as program manager for SOLtrain West Africa, the technical partners and trainers come from AEE INTEC and from INES. The Austrian and Spanish Development Agencies, ADA and AECID, co-fund this flagship program of ECREEE in order to use the untapped potential of direct solar energy for water heating, drying of agricultural products and solar process heat.

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