The Impact of COVID-19 on the ECOWAS Energy Sector

OVID-19 presents a major concern for the global energy sector. Across the globe there has been major disruptions in the energy sector including decline in energy demand, disruption in supply chain and delays in implementation of projects. Various regional challenges are also emerging as energy impacts become more apparent. In the ECOWAS region, COVID-19 complicates efforts to attain the targets of the ECOWAS Regional Sustainable Energy Policies adopted in July 2013.

This brief highlights the major energy sector impacts of the pandemic in the ECOWAS region which are also similar to other regions and include, decline in energy demand, disruption in supply chain and overall the disruption and revision of energy sector projects and strategies. The brief also notes that ECOWAS region must face the fact that without adequate energy, it is much harder to sustain measures needed to fight the COVID-19 Virus and as such, ECREEEs role in improving access to modern, reliable, and affordable energy services becomes more important.

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