The Executive Director of ECREEE visits the Mayor of Praia

The Executive Director of ECREEE, Mr. Francis Sempore, visited the Mayor of Praia, Mr. Francisco Carvalho aiming at strengthening the collaboration ties between both institutions.

During the last 12 years of operation, ECREEE has engaged with many municipalities across the ECOWAS member states to provide support regarding the implementation of renewable energy projects. In 2020, ECREEE inaugurated in Tarrafal of Santiago, two photovoltaic solar parks aiming at reducing the costs related to electricity in two pumping stations, therefore improving lives within the community. The Centre has also implemented solar PV projects in Fogo, São Nicolau, and Santo Antão.

The Executive Director of ECREEE considers that there is considerable potential for collaboration between the ECREEE and the Municipality of Praia regarding the promotion of renewable energy and energy efficiency. For instance, a key element concerning the strategy of the municipality is related to the Transition to Clean Energy and Environmental Sustainability. The municipality is also working towards a pipeline of projects related to clean energy and fostering relevant collaboration with major stakeholders, where ECREEE can play a relevant role.

The Mayor of Praia and the Executive Director of ECREEE reaffirmed their willingness to strengthen the collaboration ties and they are both looking forward to working together to promote clean energy and environmental sustainability.