Terms of Reference for Renewable Energy Technical Recruitment

Procurement ID:
ER_GB Technician
Sunday, December 14, 2014 – 23:59
The RE Technician will contribute as a priority to ensuring the adequate implementation of the activities of the Bambadinca Sta Claro Project – Community Program for Access to Renewable Energy (PCAER), in particular technical assistance to the SCEB team in the construction and implementation of procedures related to Operation & Maintenance Management (GO&M), consisting of the Hybrid PV Plant (CFH) and Bambadinca Electricity Network (REB).
It will also support the activities under the responsibility of TESE for the execution of the project Promoting investments in small to medium scale renewable energy technologies in the electricity sector in Guinea Bissau (PIRE-GB), in particular the development of Feasibility Studies for the installation of infrastructure. energy structures and monitoring of installation work.
Depending on the Energy Sector Responsible, you will also be responsible for fundraising, supporting technical opinions and implementing consultancy services in the countries where TESE Without Borders operates.
The PCAER project is co-financed by the ACP-EU Energy Facility and Portuguese Cooperation, and its main objective is to guarantee sustainable access to electrical energy produced using renewable energy sources to the semi-rural center of Bambadinca, Bafatá Region, Guinea-Bissau, through the provision of a reliable and modern electrical energy service. Its implementing partners are the Community Association for the Development of Bambadinca (ACDB), DIVUTEC and the University of Lisbon, and as associates the General Energy Directorate (DGE) and Bafatá Regional Energy Office (DREB).

The PCAER foresees the achievement of the following results:
R1. Management model for the Bambadinca Community Energy Service (SCEB), created and implemented in a participatory manner to ensure its sustainability;
R2. Bambadinca population aware of Energy Safety and Efficiency;
R3. Population of Bambadinca with electrical energy, from a renewable source, economically accessible through the Bambadinca Community Energy System (SCEB).
The SCEB will be managed by ACDB. The management of the service will be carried out in consultation with the state bodies responsible for regulating the energy sector, namely the General Directorate of Energy and the Regional Directorate of Energy of Bafatá, as per the concession defined in the Convention for the Exploitation of Public Energy Service signed between the parties.
The PIRE-GB project is financed by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and promoted by UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization), ECREEE (ECOWAS Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency) and the Ministry of Energy and Industry of Guinea-Bissau, with TESE being one of the executing entities. Its main objective is to create an environment conducive to the promotion of investments in the RE sector in Guinea-Bissau, through: i) investment in small and medium-scale Renewable Energy infrastructures; ii) development of RE promotion policies and a regulatory legal framework; iii) capacity development of local actors for RE and EE issues.