Solar Thermal

Solar Thermal

The Solar Thermal sub-program is part of the regional Renewable Energy program. Through this sub-program, ECREEE will reinforce the promotion of solar thermal technologies in the ECOWAS region over the coming years. 

The ECOWAS region enjoys sufficient sunshine to cover more than 50% heat water needs and many other applications.  Numerous energy savings can be made while covering heating and cooling needs, and at the same time helping to protect the environment. For example, gas, or electricity are used to heat water, while solar collectors can be used to cover these needs.In addition,  in most of the ECOWAS Counties, there is no database for existing solar thermal installation. 

Due to these reasons, this sub program is designed to support and contribute to the implementation of the different energy policies of the target countries that enhance the use of solar thermal systems. 

 Energy poverty negatively affects the situation of large numbers of people generally and particularly in the ECOWAS Member States. There are close links between energy supply and practically all aspects of sustainable development such as access to water, agricultural and industrial productivity, health care, education, job creation, environmental pollution, and climate change.  

The focus of this Sub Program is to contribute to reducing energy poverty by improving access to sustainable energies, specifically solar thermal solutions, and thus directly contributing to the realization of SDG 7 and indirectly to SDG 1 and SDG 13. 

Contribute to the transition from an energy supply based on fossil fuels to a sustainable energy supply system based on the use of solar thermal technology. 

  • Capacity building and awareness-raising on solar thermal technologies
  • Market development and feasibility study for large-scale systems
  • Installation of solar thermal systems (heating and cooling) in the ECOWAS region including demonstration
  • Research and development including monitoring of installation.


  • Project Soltrain 1 with the following achievement:
    • Organization of training of trainers (ToT) workshops, creation of centers of excellence and support for the installation of solar thermal pilot projects across West Africa.
    • Pilot projects installed in specific hotels in Enugu, Nigeria, Hospital in Praia and Mindelo
    • A series of training courses in Cape Verde, Senegal, Ghana, Burkina Faso and Nigeria
    • Development of monitoring systems in selected locations in the 5 countries, to assess the performance of solar thermal systems.
    • Production of a monitoring report with recommendations on the use of solar thermal systems.
  • ECREEE est membre exécutif du programme de chauffage et de refroidissement solaire de l’AIE.


  • Organisation of two regional training sessions in 2024

Under Preparation

  • Promotion of Solar Thermal Technologies Market in West Africa (SOLTRAIN), new project in preparation

  • The specialized Training courses and awareness-raising are organized in the region for the various stakeholders in the ECOWAS region. 
  • Countries market assessments are conducted, and feasibility studies have been carried out for large-scale solar thermal systems for industry and small and medium-sized businesses and  
  • Project documents have been prepared for each country with a view to mass deployment of solar thermal systems. 
  • The Communities benefit from solar thermal systems. 
  • Research is developed in the region and appropriate technologies are promoted. 




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