The Commission of Infrastructure, Transport and Communications of the National Parliament of East Timor visited the ECOWAS Centre for Renewable energy and Energy Efficiency on a fact-finding mission and to carry out a comparative study of the Center’s activities, programs and projects.

Mr. Pedro dos Mártires da Costa, President of the Commission led an 11-member delegation, and noted that this study will help East Timor make sustainable investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency.

The delegation was received by Mr. Bah Saho, Renewable Energy Expert of ECREEE for a brief meeting at the Centre’s Secretariat.  In a presentation given by Mr. Jansenio Delgado, Renewable Energy Expert of ECREEE, who gave an overview of key activities carried out by the Centre while highlighting the enormous potential for renewable energy and energy efficiency within the ECOWAS region. Mr. Delgado highlighted the importance of investing in human capital as a key element to boost renewable energy, especially in the ECOWAS region, he further presented important projects developed by the Centre such as the ECOWAS Observatory for Renewable Energy and energy Efficiency (ECOWREX), which plays an important role in providing RE-related information to potential investors. Developing such a tool for a region such as East Timor would play an important role in promoting RE penetration, considering it is currently nonexistent in spite of the vast potential for  RE available in the country..

At the end of the meeting Mr. Pedro dos Mártires da Costa, expressed his gratitude for the information provided observing that the institution had made tremendous achievements in a relatively short period of time and noted that it was an example worth emulating.