The ECOLink Project was initiated Mid 2014 with the main purpose of transforming and improving key operations within the ECOWAS Community.

A very important aspect of ECOLink project is SAP Public Sector Information System implementation and associated business and organizational changes.

It is important to underline that, ECOLink Project is aligned with objectives of the Institutional Reform initiative and by its nature and purpose, is realizing ECOWAS strategic goals of improving efficiency and quality of internal operations.

The implementation of this Project in ECREEE is expected to bring significant advantages such as:

  • Streamlining time-consuming business processes
  • Improve control over documents and document-oriented processes
  • Reduction of paper handling and manual processes
  • Faster access on information
  • Online access to information that was formerly available only on paper or other physical media
  •  Improve tracking and monitoring, enabling identification and reduction of bottlenecks
  • Reduction of paper storage and elimination of lost documents
  • Integrated applications that access standardized enterprise data for all ECOWAS Institutions, Agencies and Offices

ECOLink is expected to go-live for ECREEE on Friday, May 8, and its implementation is a remarkable step towards efficiency in ECREEE. More information about this web-based platform can be found at the documents bellow available for download.