High Performance Distribution of Electricity

High-Performance Distribution
of Electricity Program

The “Reduction of distribution losses” is a contribution to “Promoting a climate-friendly interconnected power system in West Africa”.  By undertaking this activity, it is anticipated that 2,000 MW of power generation capacity will be freed; GHG emissions by about 3 MT eq CO2 will be reduced; losses in electricity distribution will be reduced from the current range of 15% to under 10%. 

The objective is this programme to support member states to reduce both technical and commercial losses in the power distribution lines. Consequently the programm aims to contribute to the efforts of the members ‘states in reducing the green house gases in the member states and hence  in response to the global climate change.


  • Study to identify technical and commercial losses in member states
  • Capacity building for both public and private actors
  • Capacity building worshop in collaborations with the African Public Utilities Association
  • Exchanges with the Global Sustainable Electricity Partenership

  • Reduction of losses through the introduction of high efficient power transformers  
  • Reduction of GHG emissions in members’ states 

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