ECREEE supports 2011 Africa Industrialization Day in Praia

In the context of the 2011 Africa Industrialization Day, ECREEE in cooperation with UNIDO and the Ministry for Industry in Cape Verde are holding a one day workshop on “Tackling Energy Poverty in Africa & Industrialization in Cape Verde: the Way Forward”.

Since 1989, the Africa Industrialization Day (AID) is commemorated each year on the 20th of November. AID is celebrated with the entire support of the United Nations, and particularly the UN Economic Commission on Africa (UNECA), the African Union Commission (AUC) and UNIDO. The AID allows for interactions on strategies related to the sustainable industrial development of Africa, including the evaluation of results as well as the identification of achievements and future challenges.

At the global level, AID allows for the expression of the international community’s commitment to the accelerated economic transformation of Africa, through long-term industrial development. At the same time, AID is an important occasion to interact with major stakeholders on the challenges of industrialization and poverty alleviation in Africa.

For this year, and taking into account that 2012 has been named the international year of “Sustainable Energy for All”, the theme will be “Energizing Industrial Development in Africa through Sustainable Energy Access”.