ECOWAS Commits to Complete Phase-Out of Inefficient Incandescent Lamps

The ECOWAS High Level Energy Forum, Towards Sustainable Energy for All in West Africa themed: Paving the Way through Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency,” took place in Accra, Ghana in November 2012. At the event, the ECOWAS Energy Efficiency Policy and its corresponding Action Plan was adopted by national and regional officials in charge of energy efficiency and environmental programs from ECOWAS ministries and agencies. This includes energy efficiency initiatives on lighting, standards and labelling, electricity distribution and efficient cooking.

The en.lighten initiative facilitated a session on energy efficient lighting to discuss the proven economic, financial and environmental benefits for countries generated by efficient lighting programs. The economic impact from the phase-out of inefficient lamps will lead to additional resources being available for projects of social benefit and for productive and economic development. The countries in the ECOWAS region have committed to have policies in place or be in the process of developing them to phase-out inefficient incandescent lamps by 2016 with a complete phase-out by 2020.

According to preliminary estimates developed by en.lighten, a transition to efficient on-grid lighting in West Africa could produce annual energy savings of about 2.43 TWh, which is approximately 6.75 % of the total electricity consumption. Annual financial savings from transitioning to efficient lamps regionally could exceed USD 220 million, yielding an average amortization time of just three months. The environmental benefits would result in over one megatonne of annual CO2 reduction. Further savings can be realized from the deployment of efficient off-grid lighting solutions.

The ECOWAS Regional Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (ECREEE) has been mandated to ensure effective coordination of Member States and Development Partners for the implementation of the ECOWAS Policy on Energy Efficiency, which includes efficient lighting.

To see a copy of the recently released Regional Report on Efficient Lighting in Sub-Saharan African, click here.

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