On 29 August 2013, ECREEE had the honor of receiving at its headquarters in Praia, Cape Verde, a high-level American Investment delegation. They were Mr. Terry Henry – CEO and Mr. Troy Henry – President of the Global Perpetual Energy Company Inc., an independent energy company involved in the acquisition, exploration, and development of oil and gas properties in Canada.

The main objective of the visit was to present a power plant with unlimited natural energy system using renewable energy technologies with under water turbines. The turbines are five meters in diameter and produce continuous electricity. The plant covers a quarter of a square mile with multiple sources of energy. The stronger the underground current, the more power the plant produces. The proposal with the calculations on the power generated and the schematic showing how the system works was shown to ECREEE staff.

The two institutions; ECREEE and Global Perpetual Energy held discussions of mutual interest, emphasizing that this could be developed in different phases.  The Executive Director of ECREEE, Mr. Kappiah, was very impressed with the technologies presented and showed great satisfaction for the interest demonstrated by the Texan Businessmen to invest in West Africa.